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Social Studies, Grade 3

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Map Skills


Week One - Introduction


Read Roxaboxen on youtube  (8 minutes)


Read Chester the Worldly Pig on youtube (22 minutes)





A. Video Landforms - Choice: Choose one.  (both choices are on youtube.com)




B.  Video -  Community - Choice Choose one:


City, Suburb or Rural Communities (15 minutes)



Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities for Kids (10 minutes)



C.  Reading Choice:  (Choose one.)


  • Communities Textbook  pages 12-23, and R28-R29






Young Immigrants video

Choose ONE child's story (choices on left side of screen).

Read the text in center area then watch the video. 

Complete the worksheet when you finish. 


Tour Ellis Island

1. Navigate the Interactive Tour of Ellis Island. Click on Red Dots to learn more about each area.

2. Make a sequence chart (timeline) showing the steps a new immigrant would have to pass through before finally entering the USA.


The Statue of Liberty for Kids

Famous World Landmarks for Kids - by Free School 

(4:41 min. video)

Watch the Video then make a Fast Facts Card for this landmark.


Grandfather's Journey read aloud video





Leni Lenape presentation and links to videos

Click here





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