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Read Aloud Videos for Biographies,  also Earth Day

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Martin's Big Words

video read aloud


My Brother Martin, A Sister Remembers

video read aloud



Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt on www.brainpop.com 


Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride  youtube read aloud book


History Brief - Eleanor Roosevelt about 4 minute long overview of her life





Susan B Anthony



Sung History "Vote! Vote! Vote!" on youtube


Heart On Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President read aloud on youtube (puppets help narrator)


Women's Suffrage video on  www.brainpop.com


Susan B. Anthony Fighter for Women's Rights  on youtube 



Clara Barton


Clara Barton Angel of the Battlefield read aloud on youtube; The reader also explains text features in the book.


Clara Barton Mini Biography youtube (short video)


Clara Barton Part One School Teacher, 1839  youtube Biographical information told by storyteller, Tim Lowry.



Elijah McCoy


Elijah McCoy How One Inventor Became a Household Name  youtube biography


A Moment in Black History: Elijah McCoy, Inventor  youtube biography




Isaac Newton


Sir Isaac Newton short biography as told by alien cartoon creatures



Newton's Discovery - Sir Isaac Newton  youtube video









Earth Day Hooray!

Video read aloud that also teaches place value concept (Math)


Wartville Wizard

video  or QR Code




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