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New Jersey Information

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New Jersey Information!




Native Americans in New Jersey


Who were the Lenapes




Information about the Lenape Language



Lenape Informational Power Point Presentation



Video Lessons /  Information About the Leni Lenape:


John Kraft at Waterloo, describes The Lenape Indians in New Jersey. 


The Lenape Culture Home Building (John Kraft)


The Lenape Culture - Catching Fish (John Kraft)


The Lenape Culture - Medicine (John Kraft)


The Lenape Culture - Hunting (John Kraft)


The Lenape Culture - Gathering (Food) (John Kraft)


The Lenape Culture -  DugOut Canoes (Transportation)  (John Kraft)

















Two New Jersey Fun Fact Websites:





Jersey Devil Facts may be found on wikipedia


The Regions and Counties of New Jersey can be viewed on this website:




What is Jockey Hollow?    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jockey_Hollow


Why is Thomas Alva Edison such a famous and influential New Jerseyan?








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