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Helpful Information for Math



Grapes of Math on youtube. Watch, pause video on each page to count along with reader. 


RANDOLPH DINER  -- use for Math lesson in March 2019:



Three choices for video lessons on subtraction with regrouping:


After  you watch the video of your choice,

please solve this problem (702-58).  Please write neatly then hand in your finished work on a piece of grid paper.  


video 1

Subtraction with regrouping, 2-digit numbers, (3min 19sec)


video 2

600-157 subtraction with zeros! (6 min 20 sec)


video 3

Learnzillion video "Solve Subtraction problems- using regrouping". 

This video will demonstrate how to use quick pictures of flats, longs, cubes to guide you when you regroup across a zero.

Go to www.learnzillion.com  Use video quick code S27T33S 

Type that Quick Code into the search box and log in with your first name only as a GUEST.








Multiplication Rap-ability Song  About Square Numbers youtube


Video rap for 9 times facts (some multiplication shortcut ideas are tricky and some are easy in this rap)



Where do we actually see arrays in real life?  This video has real life examples of arrays in everyday life. 


Multiplication Strategies video ( This video shows 6 different strategies for finding the product of multiplication facts - these are the strategies: Repeated Addition, Skip Counting, Block Towers, Equal Groups, Intersections, and Arrays)


9 times table trick using fingers video song





 This is the amount of time passing in-between two events.

Identifying the start time, change of time, and end time in real-world elapsed time problems

Watch video lesson on www.learnzillion.com  Use this LZ Code #  DS3PS6A


Making Equal Groupings " Grandpa's Cookies"

Video for practice - you may want to use scrap paper or your white board as you follow along. Grandpa's Cookies



Connected Math Log in screen



Rounding and Estimating


Hint - 4 and Below, Keep it LOW.  5 and above - Give it a SHOVE (up).


Video Round 3-digit numbers to the nearest hundred



Partial Sums Addition Algorithm - Tutorial videos:


1.  Partial Sums Tutorial on youtube.com - this video uses Base 10 blocks to demonstrate the concept


2. Partial Sums grades 3 and up (using expanded notation) on youtube.com (This video shows how to add numbers after breaking them apart with place value)



Writing Numbers in Expanded Form - Tutorial Videos: 


1. Writing Numbers in Expanded Form video on youtube. The speaker talks very softly, but shows several examples. Use your white board and pause the video to try the examples near the end of the video.


2. Learning Grade 3 Maths - Expanded Form of Three Digit Number, on youtube, this video reviews the expanded form of 2-digit numbers then explains 3-digit numbers. 







Bar Graph - "Draw bars on a graph"  This video explains how to use scale, and helps you to learn important vocabulary words for bar graphs

  www.learnzillion.com (quick code R352PV7)


Compare Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs. Video compares and contrasts these two types of graphs. www.learnzillion.com (Quick Code C26SU9B)


Might not work.....Line Plot - Graph - on Connected Math Log in using your User Name/pw. Click on Tutorial Videos. Then scroll down for Measurement and Data. Choose page 195, line plot. This is ALSO available as AudioBook in online SRB page 195.





Measuring objects using whole, half, and quarter inches on www.learnzillion.com Quick Code #5C6Q943.



The Big G in "The Land of Gallon" video (about three minutes long)



HOW BIG IS A FOOT?  read aloud book about standardized measurement 







Video: (Lesson 4.4)  "Grandfather Tang's Story" (Tangrams)


Video:  Polygons - Edges and Sides (counting sides to decide the type of polygon you are looking at)


Challenge Song Videos:


1. Polygon Song


2.  Quadrilaterals Song  


3.  Types of Triangles Song





Video:  Math Antics - Perimeter, 7 minutes, 28 seconds


Song - (rap) - Flocabulary Perimeter and Area (Measure a yard and plan for the fence)





Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! A Math Story about Area and Perimeter


Video: Area for Third Graders, 2 minutes, 54 seconds


Video:  Area and Perimeter in the Real World, challenge video (8 minutes, 44 seconds) 





Video: "Solid Shapes for Kids" (cartoon shapes with text on the screen that describes the shapes' properties.)



Resource List for Dream Library Project





video Reading Maps on www.brainpopjr.com 

User name and Password are both fernbrook2



Example of a Classroom Map, from Aerial view


Places to Shop!















Fractions Instruction Videos:



How do I Compare Fractions?

Use the Connected Math / Everyday Math student page

First, log into classlink. Next, select ConnectEd/Everyday Math.

Now choose Tutorial Videos.

These three videos provide excellent examples of How to Compare Fractions.

  • Page 155
  • Page 156
  • Page 158

Next - create fraction strips of your own for practice. Print this page, then color each strip a different color. Finally, neatly cut the strips apart. Do not cut the smaller pieces inside of each strip. That is too many pieces to keep organized. 



3 choices


starred ** Videos are all on www.learnzillion.com  log in with your initials if you are asked to log in


Place fractions on a number line ** Quick code DG2ZT6K  log in with your initials if you are asked to log in


Place unit fractions on a number line  ** Quick Code 858B8CP



Compare Unit Fractions using different models ** Quick Code FN3F6MP, video


Compare Fractions Using a number line  **  Quick Code  7BC5FK4, slide show with explanations


Fraction Video Choices (one song and five story choices):

(6 choices)


"Give Me Half" by Stuart J. Murphy 


"The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins


"Fraction Action: Read Aloud, Part One"  demonstrates how to draw fractions


"Fractions-Fractions Song"   sing about halves, fourths, thirds, numerator and denominator.


"The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Fractions Book"  by Jerry Pallotta and Rob Bolster (!3 minutes long)


"Full House: An Invitation to Fractions" by Dayle Ann Dodds


"Basic Parts of a Whole"  this is found on Brainpop Jr (www.brainpopjr.com) (use fernbrook2 as both the user name and password)





Flocabulary Rap video on youtube.  Use headphones please!  This has advanced examples.


Math Playground: What is PEMDAS?  


Brainpop video (Reminder user name and password are fernbrook2) 





King Gallon youtube (3 minutes)  This gives our Gallon Man story a royal family!





Shuffleboard Video  (optional video for a problem in our activity) (less than two minutes long).

This video gives a very short explanation of the game and how to score during the game.



GRADE 4 Links.... 





Lesson 4.8






Use the Easy Code to view specific videos.  Codes use #LZ followed by four digits.


www.xtramath.org for practice of all basic facts







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